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Kamchatka, Bigfoot, Massive, High Tide, Samarkind, Rob Lamothe, Hartmann, Broken Blessing, Stone Broken, Dan Hunter Trio, Mid Of March, Gracefire, Steve Fister Band, Lioncage, DeVicious, 20Dark7, Maverick, Fools Errant, Absolutely Toto, Stonewall Noise Orchestra, The Vagrants, Markk 13, Massive Wagons, Heavy Feather, 5th Avenue, IVA & The Vintage Band, Blackmarket III, Akra Boa, Andreas Diehlmann Band, The Gäs, Night Laser, Snakebite, Absolutely Toto, Heavy Feather, Wildheart, The Dirty Denims, Burning Witches, Coming Down, Hammer King, Stallion, Fools Errant, Tommy Dahlem Band, Andreas Diehlmann Band, Ignition, Torian, Iron Savior, Who Killed Janis, Markk 13, Snakebite, El Pistolero, King Zebra, Black Diamonds, Dan Hunter Trio, Krissy Matthews Band, Experienced?!?, Jelusick, Gracefire, Why Amnesia, Dawn Of Destiny, 5th Avenue, The Gäs, Hardbone, 

Soundclutch, Oversense, Jaded Heart, Phönix Rising, Victory, Rebels´Reunion, Dornenkönig, Scanner, Blind Age, I.Vortex, Stonewall Noise Orchestra, Dennis Hormes Band, Hartmann, Fabulous Desaster, Messerschmitt, Destruction, 20Dark7, Sainted Sinners, 32/20 Blues Band, Allen-Forrester Band, El Pistolero, V8Wankers, Cryptex, Birth Control; Queen May Rock, Lead Zeppelin, Black Tiger, DeVicious, Night Laser, Black Mirrors, The Damn Truth, Edge Of Forever, FM, High Tide, Kickin Valentina, 32/20 Blues Band, Danny Bryant Bigband, Why Amnesia, The Unity, LIVEWARE, Violet, Supernova Plasmajets, Wildheart, Gracefire, Why Amnesia, The Dirty Denims, Cobra Spell, Dawn Of Destiny, Squealer, Mob Rules, Sextrow, Messerschmitt, Fabulous Desaster, Burning Witches, The Damn Truth, The Cold Stares, Together, Black Knight, MetalBats, Sad Iron, Jurassic Park, Burning, Highway Chile, 

Picture, Nitrovolt, The Hellboys, V8Wankers, Motorjesus, Fire Rose, Darker Half, Jaded Heart, Neck Cemetery, Ravenstine, Scanner, Wildheart, Reckless Roses, Sextrow, Kickin Valentina, Girish And The Chronicles

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