04.11.21 Michael Grant & The Assasins (USA) - Bloody Heels (LV) - Special Guest Sextrow

Michael Grant & The Assassins play a diverse and haunting brand of hard rock music incorporating elements of alternative, pop, new wave and metal. Unapologetic and unafraid of exploring different textures, genres, and influences on debut album, “Always The Villain” (Frontiers Records). Michael Grant creates a sound that is infectious, heavily melodic, and thoroughly anthemic.


Do you enjoy parties, Rock'n'Roll, and live music? Then you've come to the right place! SEXTROW stands for wild Hard Rock, shows bursting of energy and pure fun! The five boys from Cologne will take you on a musical and visual journey back to a time where Sex, Drug & Rock'n'Roll were served for breakfast – “Back to the 80s”!


-Bloody Heels-

The spirit of the '80s will never die, at least not with Bloody Heels around. For all of those who weren't around to live it the first time, here's your chance for redemption. - Loudwire

Bloody Heels have outdone themselves in an electrifying sophomore album that promises arena-rocking vigor for years to come. - Sonic Perspectives

All that's left to say is: get this album.

- Dangerdog Music Reviews

Everything that great rock and roll is supposed to be, the guys in Bloody Heels have brought it to 2020 - I'm Music Magazine




Resonanzwerk Oberhausen

Annemarie-Renger-Weg 5

46047 Oberhausen

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VVK EUR 20,00 (zzgl. VVK-Geb.)
AK EUR 25,00

Einlass: 19:00
Beginn: 20:00